will cycling get easier

Will Cycling Get Easier? 7 Easy Tips for 2023

Will cycling get easier?

Just like with everything cycling gets easier over time. The reason for this is that by cycling regularly, you will be developing muscle endurance and strength which will make you faster. 

However, Greg LeMond a former professional cyclist used to say that it does not get easier but you get faster over time. Overall this is true as the more you train the more fit you will be which will increase your confidence making cycling easier. 

How long does it take for your body to get used to cycling?

Depending on the initial levels of fitness and how far you have to bike, it could take between two to three months before your body gets used to cycling. 

Of course, some people may not have the time or fitness to be cycling five days every week. If you are new you are better off starting slowly allowing the body to rest and adjust to the training regimen. 

By doing this you will gradually begin to experience phenomenal results and you can start upping your training by adding in a day into your regimen. 

Why cycling gets easier over time

Cycling will usually get easier over time given your mind and body’s positive response to the exercises that you do which make you stronger and fitter. 

will cycling get easier

Some of the benefits of cycling that make cycling easier over time include:

Improved Fitness – Cycling happens to be an aerobic exercise and right from the first week, you will see a significant improvement in your cardiovascular endurance. By riding regularly, you will strengthen the heart’s muscles, and increase lung capacity. 

Increased Strength – You quill build muscle through resistance training which will increase your metabolism and make you burn calories making you more efficient. 

Improved Circulation – Cycling stimulates blood flow and by improving circulation you will be less tired over distances as compared to someone that does not cycle regularly. 

More Energy – As your stamina and health improve, your energy levels will also go up, and hence cycling more will result in more energy overall. 

Improved Mental Health – Becoming fitter and healthier provides some significant mental health benefits. It has been known to promote a positive outlook, increase confidence and reduce stress levels. 

Better Technique – The more cycling you do the more your skills will develop. As such, you will be able to handle the bike better on uphill and downhill terrain. You will also be better able to understand when to push and when to pace yourself. 

How can I make cycling easier?

To make cycling easier there are several things you can do including riding in a tailwind, riding downhill, or getting a more expensive bike. 

However, while these could all make you really fast, you do not necessarily have to get a new expensive bike as there are several easy ways to really make yourself faster on the bike that includes:

  1. Getting More Aerodynamic

One of the most effective ways of increasing speed is by changing how you position yourself on the bike. While you could theoretically improve your aerodynamics by getting aero racing wheels or an aerodynamic frame these may cost thousands. 

However, by just adjusting your bike fit and saddle position and lowering your handlebars you should have a significantly better aerodynamic position that cuts through air resistance better thus making cycling easier.

  1. Clean Your Bike

A clean bike is a fast bike so say the mechanics. With every little bit of dirt, grime, and grit you will be wasting watts and losing speed. 

According to studies, a dirty chain could cost a cyclist between 10-20 watts which could reduce speed by between 1-2 kilometers an hour. Moreover, there is nothing as mentally or physically satisfying as riding a sparkling clean bike.

Ensure that you clean the drivetrain and components and especially anything that spins to make your bike ride easier. 

  1. Clean and Lubricate Your Chain

The chain is the most important component that transfers power from the pedals to the wheels.  As such, if it is in any way dirty you will find your cycling very hard.

By cleaning and lubricating your chain, you should save the potentially lost watts and get more power transferred to the wheels at all times. 

The good thing is that this can be done in just a few minutes and you get to enjoy a much easier ride.

  1. Lower the Bikes Front End

While the effect of a slammed stem is a matter of huge debate, it is always worth it if a cyclist has the physiology and time to get used to it. By lowering the stem you will be more aerodynamic which will make you faster. 

The good news is that this is usually an easy and quick adjustment that could be done by almost any competent mechanic who will remove any excess spacers. 

  1. Adjust Tire Pressure

The ideal tire pressure will depend on several things such as whether you are running tubeless or tubed tires, the type of bike, the weather conditions, and your weight

While manufacturers will usually recommend a tire pressure on the tire’s sidewall, the most effective way of determining pressure is by the rider’s weight. Heavier riders ought to use higher pressures while lighter riders should use lower pressures. 

If you are riding in wet conditions you should pump up your bike to lower pressures to increase the contact patch and friction which will produce better grips and make riding easier and safer.

  1. Ensure the Rear Derailleur is Well Adjusted

There is nothing that can be more frustrating than having your gears skip on you. By adjusting your derailleurs you will be faster but also save your sanity. 

Ensure that you make the required minor rear derailleur adjustments over time to ensure that you do not lose the efficiency from your cogs, chain, and crank which can reduce your speed and watts. 

  1. Check Your Brakes

Rubbing brakes are a common occurrence even though that will not stop a cyclist from being frustrated when they happen. When your brakes are rubbing, they can kill your speed.

Fortunately, this can easily be fixed by adjusting disc brakes including fine-tuning brake tension and hoses, or bending the rotor if it is out of true at some spot. Even if you cannot do this yourself, any competent mechanic can do this very easily.

  1. Get Rid of Excess Weight

If your bike has all manner of accessories or you regularly climb hills, shedding excess weight such as removing the bar ends, front derailleur and bottle cage can help shave off some weight thus making the bike lighter and easier to ride.

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