combining running and cycling training

An Easy Guide to Combining Running and Cycling Training in 2023

Combining running and cycling training

One of the most effective ways of training is combining cycling and running training which can enhance both your running and cycling.

The most effective way of cross-training is to train while taking into account what the exertion of each discipline does for the other. 

If you do not take into account the core aspects of both sports you may end up overtraining which could result in fatigue and even injury. 

Should I cycle and run on the same day?

If you are focused on running then you should have no issues combining cycling and running. However, it is important to note that running is a higher-impact sport and takes much of a toll on your joints as compared to cycling. 

However, if you want to improve your cycling then running won’t add much as the muscles that are used the most are different in addition to a greater risk for injury. 

Still, if you are training to be a faster runner, an extra bike out will certainly help. However, it is important to note that running will be better for giving cardio rather than a muscular workout. 

As such doing both on the same day should be alright as long as you ensure that you are having adequate recovery time between the sessions.

Can you train for cycling by running?

When deciding how you are going to exercise, it is critical to settle on a workout that will enhance your cycling regimen. So how will running help cyclists?

Running is great for cycling given that it is a high-impact exercise which means that it improves bone density resulting in greater strength. Running is also an intense aerobic exercise that will enhance overall fitness. 

Consequently, you stand to improve overall stamina and cardiovascular endurance by running, and over time your cycling too will improve. 

Does running help cycling?

Running enhances cycling endurance and performance as it strengthens the respiratory system, lowers the heart rate, and strengthens muscles. 

Running if nothing else is just a great way of mixing things up. This is important since doing the same workout daily could make you bored and tired easily. 

Given that the body will specialize and adapt to different workouts done regularly, you can improve overall strength and fitness by introducing a range of workouts into your cycling plan. 

It is important to note that if you decide to add running to your cycling training regimen but have never done any running or other high-impact sport, it may predispose you to injury. 

Your body and particularly the joints, muscles, and bones in your legs are not used to the novel training regimen and as such, it is always better to start out slow and progressively increase the rigorousness of the exercise. 

It is always recommended to start with light jogs or short power walks before proceeding to full-out running or sprinting. You can do this once or twice a week and reduce the rigor of your training or the number of days you run when the racing season comes around. 

As such by combining cycling and running training you will over time increase your cycling speed and power.

Running and bike training plan

Whether you are training for a duathlon or triathlon or simply are training for cardiovascular fitness, a regiment that includes both biking and running is a great option. 

It is critical to come up with a reasonable fitness plan that includes smaller goals so that you can have adequate nutrition and recovery times. It is always advisable to consult a physician before you embark on your new training regimen to ensure that it is safe. 

Training With Running

If you are just getting started with running, you should consult a physical therapist or personal trainer before you start your running training to ensure an adequate and safe training schedule. 

Begin with base runs which you will use to assess your endurance levels so that you can then use that data to improve aerobic capacity, endurance, and running economy. 

You should make your base runs short rather than long and run at a natural pace so that you can enhance your current endurance levels. 

Progression runs also need to be added throughout the week between the base runs since these will make for a better challenge and help you make better progress. 

With such runs, you will typically start at a neutral pace and increase speed toward the end of the training exercise.

Training With Biking

Biking provides a range of health benefits including enhancing fitness levels, improving heart health, and lowering the risk of cancer.


The best way to do it is to make small goals that you can exceed or reach without having to exert rigorous effort which will allow you to stay motivated so that you can complete your exercise regimen. 

The good thing about biking is that there are many options you can go for including triathlete biking, roadie biking, mountain biking, casual biking, and track biking among several others. 

Most people typically start out riding casually since this provides the most enjoyment and flexibility even as it improves their fitness levels. As such, you can either ride casually or ramp up your biking and still get to enjoy the many benefits of cycling.


You stand to benefit a lot by combining running with cycling training since there are several benefits you stand to get. 

However, you need to bear in mind that since you are starting a training regimen that your body may be unfamiliar with, it is critical to make gradual progress rather than go all-in with rigorous exercise. 

Do not go for a five-mile run off the bat as this could predispose you to injury rather you want to start really slow by setting small goals until you are ready for that rigorous exercise.

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