best hybrid bikes under 1000

Best hybrid bikes under 1000 in 2020

A hybrid bike is an excellent investment whether you are looking for something for your regular commuting or something to just cruise around the neighborhood with. However, given how popular hybrid bikes are, they tend to be very expensive. But if you are looking for something not too fancy that is under 1000 dollars we have compiled a list of best hybrid bikes under 1000, best men’s hybrid bikes, best fitness bikes, best comfort bikes, and best hybrid bikes for the money you can buy.

Since we are cycling aficionados we have tested each and every single bike on this list to ensure that it is just right for your needs. Additionally, we have also got a lot of information from cycling enthusiasts on bike forums and of course Reddit so that you can buy with confidence.

Best Hybrid Bicycle Under $1000 Comparison

 BrandGear ShifterPriceRating
Schwinn Discover21-speedCheck Price3.8 Stars
Schwinn Volare21-speedCheck Price3.7 Stars
Schwinn Wayfarer7-speedCheck Price3.6 Stars
EVRYjourney Men’s26-speedCheck Price4.4 Stars
EVRYjourney Women’s26-speedCheck Price4.6 Stars

Best Hybrid Bike Under 1000: Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes for Men and Women


  • Comfortable grip, seat and sweep back handles for city commuting
  • 21-speed shifters for all manner of city terrain
  • Strong and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Adjustable stem provides more comfort
  • Fenders keep the dirt off your clothes

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike is the best commuter bike under $1000 given how many features it provides for both men and women riders. For men, I would recommend the black medium/18-inch step-over hybrid while the small/16-inch step-through frame that comes in white is better suited for women riders.

The Schwinn is great for city commuting as it can go practically anywhere given how comfortable it is. The hybrid bike has a comfortable sport seat, aluminum city frame, dual-density construction anatomic grips which make handling and riding the bike so easy and so comfortable. With its alloy crank and suspension forks coupled with the back sweep handlebars, you can ride for long distances to your workplace without getting tired.

The hybrid/comfort bike is not only great for the city as it is good for the outdoors too. If you love going on hilly terrain you get the four-finger brake levers for easy braking the rear derailleur and ally shift twisters that make it easy to shift through the 21-speed grip shifters that can handle any terrain. You can also go on muddy trails and not have to worry about getting dirty given that it comes with fenders. It is also lightweight but strong and will last for years.

Overall, you can use it for trips to the grocery store, ride it to work, for fitness or just ride around town with your gear such as cameras when you want to do some photography and sightseeing.

Best Men’s Hybrid Bike: Schwinn Volare 1200 Men’s Road Bike

Schwinn Volare 1200 Men's Road Bike


  • Aluminum rigid frame and fork.
  • Comfortable flat handlebars and seat
  • 21-speed fire shifter and rear derailleur
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Excellent looks and design

The Schwinn Volare road bike is one of the best road bikes you could buy for less than 500 bucks. The linear-pull brakes are excellent as you can lock the wheels with little effort at any speed. It also comes with great tires and wheels and combined with a sleek design it looks very stylish as compared to more expensive bikes. We found the 21-speed gear shifters are easy to use and precise so that you can conquer all manner of roads and pavements.

It is easy to maneuver given that it comes with thin tires and is one of the lightest bikes you can get for the price range. The steering is great since the seat and handlebars are places at the perfect riding position. When you take into account the handle grips, the comfortable seat and the freewheel this is great value for money given that it looks and works just as great as a bike costing five times more.

With its lifetime ownership warranty, this is a bike that you will be riding for a long time.

Best Hybrid Bike for the Money: Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle

Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle


  • Swept back handlebars provide comfortable riding position’
  • Strong and stylish retro style design
  • Fenders so that you can ride in all kinds of weather
  • Efficient braking with linear brake wheels
  • Seven-speed shifter

The Schwinn Wayfarer is one of the best hybrid bike that you can use for your leisurely rising on the trail, bike path, or just riding around the neighborhood. It also comes with a sleek design with the fork and retro city frame that will turn heads and are also made to be responsive. If you like to ride for longer distances or for some time, this bike will be easier on the back given the swept-back handlebars that allow you to sit up straight.

Shifting is easy with this bike as it comes with a seven-speed shifter which makes it easy to ride on all kinds of hills in the city or on the trail. Additionally, The wheels are alloy which makes them strong, lightweight and durable. We also found the brakes excellent as they provide consistent and sure-stopping power every time and hence this is great for steep hills descents.

If you go out on the trail, it allows you to bring along your gear as you have a rear carrier. You also do not have to worry about getting dirty as it comes with full fenders to keep all the mud off your clothes.

Best Bike under 400: sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Step-Through

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's Step-Through


  • 2-inch semi-slick tires for a stable comfortable ride
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Stylish and convenient Rear rack and fenders
  • Coaster brakes enhance stopping power
  • Fits a wide range of riders

This is the best men’s cruiser bikes you can buy with its stylish Matte Black frame that would make you a smoke show rising around the neighborhood or cruising around in town. With its classic hybrid cruiser design, it is a comfortable bike as it provides an upright riding position as it allows for proper leg extension while riding.

The sixthreezero is designed with style, comfort, and ease at top priorities. With a single gear, it is great for flat terrain since it comes with the forward pedaling design. This makes it excellent for cruising the beaches, neighborhoods, parks and cities.

Given the frame geometry, this is one bike that can fit riders from a wide range of heights. From riders as short as 5 feet to as tall as 6 foot four all riders can ride this bike comfortably. It also comes at a good price compared to other in its range including the best hybrid bikes under 300

Best fitness bikes under 1000: sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Step-Through


  • Slick two-inch slick tires and 26-inch wheels for a smooth ride
  • Easy maneuvering with sweptback handlebars
  • Light and strong aluminum frame
  • Convenience and style with rear rack and matching fender
  • Easy stopping with coaster brakes

The sixthreezero is the most popular fitness bike under 1000 dollars you can ever buy. It is a beautiful glistening bike that screams class and will get you envious looks everywhere you go. You have a choice of 7-speed, 3-speed or single models in different colors. These first three can get you anywhere in the city and the 21 speed is the jack of all trades as it is great for uphill long distance, trail, and demanding street riding with no issues.

The EVRYjourney is the epitome of modern comfort and style and is a cruiser designed for modern life adventure and living. The coaster brakes make it easy to stop on the trail even on the steepest hills and high speeds while the swept-back handle backs provide a comfortable sitting position and great maneuverability.

With comfortable forward pedaling you get proper leg extension while riding which makes the bike great for rising in the beach, neighborhoods, in parks, and in the city. Moreover, the frame geometry allows riders of all heights to ride this bike with ease and comfort.

What to Look For When Buying a Hybrid Bike Under 1000

Deciding on what the best hybrid bike under 1000 to get is never easy. There are many things to take into account including personal needs and features of the bikes. It is easy to get confused by the many models and features out there. However, the most important things to take into consideration are bike fit and the components and features of the bike.

Wheel Size:

It is critical to know the size of the wheel bike as you need to get a bike that is a good match for your riding style. Many hybrid bikes come with standard 700C wheels though some will have the smaller 26-inch wheels.


The Hybrid is a combination of different bikes that also come in a range of gearing combinations from as low as a single speed to as high as 27-speed gear hybrids. The rule of thumb when you are deciding which gear will work for you is that the more diverse the terrain you will be riding on, the more gears you will need. For instance, a single-speed gear bike will work fine on flat terrain while more gears will be required for hilly terrain.

Bike Suspension

Most hybrid bikes do not come with suspensions since they are mostly made for smooth streets and paved paths. However, if you will be riding on rough terrain or potholed streets you need to find a bike that comes with suspension so as to get a more comfortable ride.

Brake Type

There are two types of brakes with hybrid brakes which are the advanced disc brakes and the traditional rim brakes.

Rim Brakes: These are less efficient in muddy and wet conditions and typically wear out the rim faster though they are typically more affordable.

Disc brakes: These include the manually adjusted mechanical disc brakes and the self-adjustable disc brakes. These brakes are typically easier to use are more consistent in all conditions but they can be difficult to inspect and are relatively more expensive as compared to rim brakes.

Bike Frame Material

One of the most popular materials for hybrid bikes is aluminum though steel and carbon fiber are found in some bike brands. What material you decide to go with will depend on your needs as each comes with its own disadvantages and advantages.

Aluminum is known for being an inexpensive material strong, lightweight and stiff though it can be rough on the body in rough terrain. However, New construction has made the material better at absorbing shocks.

On the other hand, Steel has more flex and is stronger than aluminum though it is also heavier.

Conversely, Carbon fiber tends to be more expensive and is mostly found in high-end hybrid bikes. Carbon though provides the best weight to strength ratio.

Handlebar Shape

Handlebars on hybrids tend to be higher since most people use these bikes as commuter bikes. However, if you intend to use these as exercise and fitness bikes you should get a bike with lower handlebars as these provide a more aerodynamic riding position.

Drop bars on a hybrid bike are made for people who need aerodynamic bikes for speed. However, they put a lot of strain on the back and are best for fitness freaks. Flat bars allow one to sit in an upright position which is better for commuting. Riser bars make for the most upright position and hence provide excellent vision and control. Conversely, Mustache bars let you sit upright and allow for different hand positions and make for a more maneuverable bike.

Racks and Fenders

Fenders are important particularly if you will be writing on dirt as they protect you from mud during the wet season. Racks are convenient particularly if you are going to be going on trails and need to carry some gear.

Frame Size

The frame size you go for will depend on the type of fit you are looking for. Luckily there are size charts that you can look up to get the right fit for you.

What Makes a Good Hybrid Bike

A good hybrid bike comes with tires that are slightly wider than a road bike. They can be anywhere between 28-32c, or wider, up to 42c. This makes for a more comfortable ride and also makes the bike more utilitarian as it can be used for commuting or for fun rides. A hybrid bike will also allow for more customization as compared to a road bike

Is a Hybrid Bike Good for Long Distance

Of course it is easier to cycle long distances on road bikes; however, for a cyclist of reasonable fitness, 80km is a fairly comfortable daily distance on a good hybrid. … However, for shorter distances, although the ride will take longer on a hybrid, both types of bike are more than capable.

Final Word

If you are looking for a budget bike less than 1000 dollars, then the hybrid bike may be something you should go for. For less than $1000 and even less than $500 you can get a good hybrid bike for leisure riding, commuting and trail riding that will come with the features of mountain bikes and road bikes, and provide a comfortable riding experience. The best hybrid bikes under 1000 we have recommended here are great for both men and women and for a variety of riding needs and budget.